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Harwinton Graphics


Harwinton Graphics is your go to printing business. We spend time with each customer and focus on keeping your logo exactly the same from your stationary to your apparel.

Need help coming up with a logo that will display your business? We can help you design that too!

Our Services

Harwinton Graphics is a company that designs and produces custom apparel.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing, which is also known as Silk Screening, is a method of printing graphics on a garment using thick inks that lay on top of the garment rather than soaking into the garment. 



Embroidery, is a method of creating designs and logos using needle and thread. Most embroidery is done using an embroidery machine, but some might consider embroidering by hand.


Harwinton Graphics is a company that designs and produces custom apparel. We opened for business in early 2016 as SK Custom Apparel. In 2020 we moved to Harwinton, CT. Shortly after we expanded into the printing and designing business and updated our name to Harwinton Graphics. We strive for producing high quality customized printing for competitive prices. ​

Harwinton Graphics is your go to printing business, with hundreds of different combinations of ink colors and apparel colors, we can offer exactly what you are looking for. We do business with many different brands of apparel if you are looking for a suggestion. 



15 Burlington Road

Harwinton, CT 06791

Tel: 860-201-5133

Monday: 8am-4pm

Tuesday: 8am-4pm

Wednesday: 8am-4pm

Thursday: 11am-6pm

Friday: 8am-4pm

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